You are a savy solo entreprenuer.

You’ve got a gigantic message to share with the world.

You know that video is the fastest, easiest way to build authority ,grow your audience, and connect with potential customers and the media.

You know that the Big Gurus are crushing it online with there personality-driven videos.


You think you need fancy equipment.

You think you need a studio.

You think the techy stuff is too overwhelming.

You think you need permission to declare yourself an expert.

You think you talk funny.

You think you look bad on camera.

You think you need wardrobe, hair, and make-up in order to make an impact.

You think video is only for the Gurus.


You are thinking all kinds of wrong.

Now, come over here so I can hug your neck and tell you the damn truth.

You have everything you need right now to become the IT Girl in your field.

Video is here to stay.

You’re not too late to get started. ( Hey, Mastin Kipp of the Daily Love just started this year, soooo…)

I’m Tangela and I’m a Video Visibility Expert.

I teach soloprenuers how to create and market engaging, entertaining, and empowering video content.

There’s a message inside you that deserves to be seen and heard . Don’t let it disappear  just because you don’t know how to create or market that web show or vlog you’ve been dying to do.

Don’t get discouraged because you’ve been making videos and getting no traction.

You probably need help in one of three areas:

Content Development

On Camera Performance

Audience Building

I take my years of experience as a teacher, comedian, sketch writer, and publicist; and I help you create videos that people luuuurve (That’s Alabama for LOVE!) to share.

My videos have changed my life! I won a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s B-School program, been featured in an entire episode of Marie TV because of my video super powers.  I’ve been in the pages of Entertainment Weekly, on Cosmo.com, and was named one of Essence Magazine’s  “Top 15 YouTube Personalities We Love.”

I’ve also gotten a video love letter from producer/ director/ actor Tony Goldwyn and graced 8 million TV screens in a promo during ABC’s Scandal. Yep, all because of my videos.

I didn’t do this with a team or fancy lighting. I did it myself from my home in Oklahoma

I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter for Video Visibility Tips  2 times a month. And, if you’re ready to go from invisible to INVISIBLE using the most powerful medium in the world

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