Open Letter to Pumpkin Spice

Dear Pumpkin Spice, I remember the good old days. Memba’? Back when we never saw you until Thanksgiving. Back in the day, you’d grace us with your presence, but only as the Kelly to the Beyonce that was Pumpkin Pie. You stayed in your place as second lead singer of Pumpkin Pie. These days you’re […]

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Blame It on Belgray

  Laura Belgray, copywriter extraordinaire at Talking Shrimp, is blogging every day.   I love Laura Belgray. She is hands down the funniest person I have ever met in my life.   I got a chance to meet her at RHH Live. It was like we had known each other for years.   I was […]

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Maya’s Words

  I was so out of sorts yesterday. The news of Maya Angelou’s death rocked me to the core. Her words were such an integral part of many of our lives. For me, as a little black girl in Alabama, Mother Maya was a SHERO. I remember one Friday, Mrs. Long at the Bellingrath Junior […]

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Are You Having Fun?

  When I decided to go into to business a long time ago, I wanted to have fun, laugh, empower people. Well, I was doing just that…I was out networking, meeting people, and building great contacts. Then, I found the world of online marketing by accident…I found one of those blaring “dude by the beach […]

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For B-Schoolers Only

Hey Fellow B-Schooler! You know, I’ve been seeing a lot of you putting your heart and soul out there on video. It takes courage, confidence, and guts to put yourself out there! I salute you for being brave enough to share your vision. But, we need to talk. Some of us are missing out on […]

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Laughter is GOOD

Today would have been my Mom’s 73rd birthday. She was the most amazing woman I have ever known. She was caring and generous and an inspiration. Brave, fearless, tenacious, and all heart! Mama also had a wicked sense of humor. I’m convinced my Comedy Jones came from her side of the family. She did hair […]

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Move On

There’s a white house that sits slightly elevated on Jackson Street in Montgomery. On the outside, it’s nothing extraordinary, but decades ago an extraordinary man lived there. The young minster of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Reverend Martin Luther King, his beautiful wife, Coretta, and their children lived there. Inside that house men and women huddled […]

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Good Enough

  One of my favorite songs is “Good Enough” by Sarah McLachlan. It’s poignant. It’s real. It’s snot inducing. It’s also the story of my life. Up until a few years ago, I had a nagging, paralyzing case of the NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Sometimes, I still get flares, but they are less frequent, and far […]

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Scandal Recap Episode 305

Recap Season 3 Episode 5 More Cattle, Less Bull   This week’s Rambling Recap is sponsored by LISA GENEVA RILEY. Check out her new books A Mighty Good Man and Surrender.   Tweet

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Shonda Can Show You

…better than she can tell you. For centuries black Mamas in the south have used one phrase to discipline their children, “I can show you better than I can tell you.” In other words, “I’m finna beat you down and I dare you to call the police, because I will beat them, too.” Television supernova […]

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